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Install Deepnet on Mac

November 15, 2013 3 comments

This may help to have Nitish’s deepnet work on your mac. The code is very clean, most important thing is to follow the instructions here


a) You will need Numpy, Scipy installed first, because the tools is largely python. Simply way is to use ‘brew‘. For example, follow the instructions here.

b) CUDA Toolkit and SDK.
Follow the instructions(CUDA5.5):
NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit (available at

I followed both instruction on
and instruction from the deepnet to set the system paths:

export PATH=/Developer/NVIDIA/CUDA-5.5/bin:$PATH

Follow the deepnet instruction: for mac, it is the ‘~.profile’, edit/add to the file:

export CUDA_BIN=/usr/local/cuda-5.0/bin
export CUDA_LIB=/usr/local/cuda-5.0/lib

First make sure CUDA installed right:
install the examples: <dir>

and go to /Developer/NVIDIA/CUDA-5.5/samples, choose any simple example subfolder, go into and do ‘make’, after make completed, you can do a simple test.

(c) Protocol Buffers.

Download the file:

Follow the instructions to compile/install it.  It will be install (generally in /usr/local/bin/protoc). It was said that you only need to include the directory that contains ‘proc’, so add to path:
export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/bin


For making the cuda work, do ‘make’ in cudamat , but change all the ‘uint’ to ‘unsigned’ in file: cudamat_conv_kernels.cuh
or do a #define uint unsigned
Then run ‘make’ in cudamat folder

(3,4) STEP 3,4

continue follow step 3, and 4 on you will get there.

Note (1): I did not install separately for  cudamat library by Vlad Mnih and cuda-convnet library by Alex Krizhevsky.

Note (2): If you do NOT have GPU: another alternative is to not use GPU, most recent mac come with NVIDIA 650, but some old version may use intel graphical card. In that case you can still do the deep learning part, but using eigenmat. The drawback is that it will be very slow. 

Install eigen from here:
if given error <Eigen/..> can not found, change to “Eigen/…”
also you need to change python path, including path to where ‘libeigenmat.dylib’ located. It it still fails to find: libeigenmat.dylib. It may not hurt to give it a direct path, edit the file <eigenmat/>.
_eigenmat = ct.cdll.LoadLibrary(‘the-path-to/libeigenmat.dylib’)


Keeping Up With Science : InTech Publishes 49 New Books For You To Get Hold Of Right Now

February 29, 2012 Leave a comment

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There is no slowing down here at InTech as we are never go idle when it comes to satisfying our demanding readership. Our team has just uploaded 49 new, highly-engaging books covering the most dynamic areas of research today. Each book includes chapters addressing current trends, developments, and the latest innovations in a wide array of STM research fields, giving the reader a comprehensive, yet detailed overview of its areas of interest as well as an introduction into new research paths to be undertaken.

What you knew up until now might just be water over the dam so be the first one to read, share, and download our latest books.

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ColorPy – A Python package for handling physical descriptions of color and light spectra.

February 7, 2012 Leave a comment

Though simple, but color converting is still a complex process which needs a lot of attention for details and the correct understandings. Even PIL does not include a comprehensive package. Well, just come across this website today, which introduces a nice module for color manipulation.


Weekly Fun Software Collection

July 22, 2011 Leave a comment

Several Open Source Packages, which are fun~~