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Memory on X

Interesting work on “language memorability” by  Jon Kleinberg

You had me at hello: How phrasing affects memorability,  Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil, Justin Cheng, Jon Kleinberg, Lillian Lee

It’s counterpart “memory on visual data“:

* Making Personas Memorable ,  CHI, 2007, extended abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems.

* Konkle, T., Brady, T. F., Alvarez, G. A., & Oliva, A. (2010). Conceptual distinctiveness supports detailed visual long-term memory for real-world objects. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 139(3), 558-78.  <Data http://cvcl.mit.edu/MM/objectCategories.html >
Another dataset: <http://visualrecall.org/datasets.html >
More publications:  <http://visualrecall.org/publications.html >

* Understanding the intrinsic memorability of images, NIPS 2011, Phillip Isola, Devi Parikh, Antonio Torrala, Aude Oliva,


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