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KDD 13, another day

August 13, 2013 Leave a comment

Stephen J. Write gave a brief, high-level, but very nice, clear keynote today at KDD’2013. Here’s the link to his talk slide, Several links he posted are also very interesting:

The panel discussion is about why and how Data Scientist should and can contribute to start up industry. People asked various questions like:

– What are the tips of choosing a startup, is a real ‘start’- type start-up better, or a start-up but kind of established better?

– As an investigator, what are the key things to evaluate to make the judgment that whether the start-up is worthy to investigate?

CEO, team, find a business co-founder, idea, execution,  hiring, patent,

– In this (big)data analysis, minding area,  does people (data scientist) still need or  better to get a PHD?

– When choose to start a ‘start-up’, when choose to leave a big company, leave a stable job & life, how do you evaluate, perceive and think about the risk behind this?  Is it rewarding  a lot (financially) ? Is financial gain your objective function?

You can find a more complete note here.

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Memory on X

August 11, 2013 Leave a comment

Interesting work on “language memorability” by  Jon Kleinberg

You had me at hello: How phrasing affects memorability,  Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil, Justin Cheng, Jon Kleinberg, Lillian Lee

It’s counterpart “memory on visual data“:

* Making Personas Memorable ,  CHI, 2007, extended abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems.

* Konkle, T., Brady, T. F., Alvarez, G. A., & Oliva, A. (2010). Conceptual distinctiveness supports detailed visual long-term memory for real-world objects. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 139(3), 558-78.  <Data >
Another dataset: < >
More publications:  < >

* Understanding the intrinsic memorability of images, NIPS 2011, Phillip Isola, Devi Parikh, Antonio Torrala, Aude Oliva,