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Exercise the philosophy

June 29, 2013 Leave a comment

Michael John (“MJ”) came in and gave a talk yesterday. He has over 19 years designing, building video games. He was the lead designer on the landmark series Spyro the Dragon. For the past year, he founded GlassLab, a groundbreaking collaboration of industry, philanthropy and nonprofit to create educational games for kids.

Personally I’m not a game person, but I like his talk. He talked about game is fundamentally an entertament, and one important key is the ‘accessibility’. Changes happen so fast for the past 5/6 years (from 2007), which almost equals to the changes happend for the last 30 years. He gave several examples about innovator dilemma: how new&right innovation step in, create huge competition and disrupt the old&existing product, and completely reshape the market and business. Some may come in surprise  without following any known or widely accept rules (he used apple as an example). I like the way that he tried to understand and interperate the changes —  he call it: “exercise the philosophy“.  Indeed, we are also at the meantime, reshaping our knowledge and the limitation we may have but actually not. There is a saying innovation does not necessarily mean success, but no innovation leads absolutely failure.

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