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Reminder from the life of last year

There are a lot of principals that one can follow in life. Clear ones, fuzzy ones, sweet ones or tough ones. Sometime we may also forget them, but the magic of life always works its way to opens new doors, new challenges for us, and remind us of its bones. Here are a few that were shuffled by this magic and put to the top of my list during last year:

– Learn to adapt to completely new topics.
– Always be nice and from the heart. By which, no matter what happend, you have a peace mind and soul.
– Work hard and be bold to show an imperfect yourself. Always remind yourself your personal developing goal.
– Speak or ask, for whatever you don’t know. But sometimes, be quiet.
– Be patient in the learning/growing process.
– Make good plans before you start, clear and doable. It’s better to organize your time and effort rather than clean up a mess afterwards.
– Create the need to be needed.
– Failures is a natural process. Learn from it — it’s a matter of choice.
– Say yes to every opportunity, no matter how hard it seems to be. All life demands struggle. You can only cultivate your strengths through the climbing.
– Be grateful.

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