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A Book on text processing in Python

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Book + Codes <http://gnosis.cx/TPiP/&gt;

Other good books
Code Like a Pythonista: Idiomatic Python

A byte of python

Learn Python The Hard Way, 2nd Edition

Thinkpython (wow, this is the newest version December 2012)

Anyone want to learn/improve should definitely look at places,where you will find your own recipe:

This stackoverflow question

The best way to learn python

Always a fan of Python, anyway, it’s just so good.


A whole list of free books <original url>

  1. Think Stats
  2. Dive Into Python
  3. A Byte Of Python
  4. Think Complexity
  5. Dive Into Python 3
  7. Building Skills In OOP
  8. Pyramid For Humans
  9. Flask Microframework
  10. Building Skills In Python
  11. Kivy Programming Guide
  12. Snake Wrangling For Kids
  13. An Introduction To Python
  14. Programmez Avec Python 2
  15. Programmez Avec Python 3
  16. Python Module Of The Week
  17. Learn Python The Hard Way
  18. The Standard Python Library
  19. Building Skills In Programming
  20. Python Scientific Lecture Notes
  21. Making Games With Python & Pygame
  22. Python 101 (an introduction to python)
  23. How To Think Like A Computer Scientist
  24. Natural Language Processing With Python
  25. Programming Computer Vision With Python
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