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Install MATLAB on Linux

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Installation MATLAB on Linux (e.g. 2012b)

* Go to matlab website download the version that you are going to install
*  Get the license and installation-key, etc
–  login into your matlab online account, go to lisence management, tab “Activationa nd Installation”. Click ‘Active’, there will be pop-up window ask for certain inforamtion. For hostId, you can find it by run ‘/sbin/ifconfig eth0’ in command line, numbers after ‘HWaddr’ will be it.
– After filing the information, you will be able to get a activation key and download the license.
* With all the downloaded files, unzip the zip package, and make a copy of the ‘installer_input.txt’, follow the instruction inside and fill the required options. Also make a copy of the ‘activat.ini’ file, follow the instructions inside and fill the required options.
* Run ‘install -inputFile installer_input_yourcopy.txt’
* I found that after I ran, the activation is still not sucessed. So I change to the folder where I installed Matlab(e.g. Tools/MATLAB). Under ‘bin’ folder, run ‘activate_matlab.sh -propertyiesFile activate_yourcopy.ini’. Then creat a folder ‘Tools/MATLAB/licenses’ and copied my license into the ‘licenses’ folder.
* Now, probably you are ready to go: ‘Tools/MATLAB/bin/matlab -nodisplay’
* You can also make a alias for this(in your e.g. bash_profile), which makes life easier
alias matlab=’your-pathto-matlab/bin/matlab -nodisplay’

Trying out the Part-Models <http://people.cs.uchicago.edu/~rbg/latent/>

– Follow the instruction in the Readme file, and compile the code use

– Simple case to try out, which load the car model to detect the car, result as:

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