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Random Picking

Here’s some interesting link I found from ‘ IMAGE AND VISUAL REPRESENTATION GROUP IVRG ‘

1. The free book of ‘joy of visual perception

2.CVonline: Vision Related Books including Online Books and Book Support Sites

Their algorithmRadhakrishna Achanta and Sabine Susstrunk, Saliency Detection using Maximum Symmetric Surround, International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), Hong Kong, September 2010.

is dealing with the problem of “salient regions comprise more than half the pixels 
of the image, or if the background is complex, the background gets 
highlighted instead of the salient object. “. Tested on several images, though not working for all cases, but it’s quite a nice saliency detection since it dose avoid some problems  by most of the saliency detection — focusing mostly on high frequency, dense edge  region.


Also, it seem that a website is built based on their research for automatically cropping image to give the best composition.


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