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Interesting evolution

A reading list for advanced computer vision in 2010, interestingly, if you compare with the list in the previous years, such as 2003 and 2004, etc.



Estimating scene geometry and discovering objects using a soup of segments.
Level set segmentation
Video Visualization
Combining Detection, Recognition and Segmentation
Video Object Segmentation
Background cut
Hashing, kNN in High Dimensions
Recent Progress in Optical Flow Computation
Learning Optical Flow


From Local to Global Visual Similarity in Space and in Time.
Fast Image Search.Sound and motion, in harmony.
Standard Brain Model for Vision.
Multiclass SVM and Applications.
CRF/DRF and Application to Human Pose.
Direct visibility of point sets.
Color Image Understanding.
Globally Optimal Estimates for Geometric Reconstruction Problems.
Image Parsing.
Integral Shape Matching, Inner Distance, Diffusion Distance.
Motion Blur.


Human visionSequence to sequence alignment
Lightfield and natural image matting
Visibility constraints on features of 3D objects
Image and video descriptors
Image Descriptors

Video Descriptors

Survey / comparison papers for different applications (recognition / matching)

Efficient search in large image databases

Exploiting wealth of huge image libraries

Dictionaries for sparse representation modeling

Statistics of natural images

Blind deconvolution
Action recognition
Graph cuts

2010 — list

1. Denoising

2. Compressed Sensing

3. Super-Resolution (in images)

4. Shape from Illumination

5. Deep Learning

6. Random forests

7. Pascal Grand Challenge

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