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Notes on cvpr 12

Well coming back from this year’s CVPR, haven’t got chance to write down something. I guess I’ll just take this weekend to do some short notes for some interesting papers.

* Tutorial

There are several nice tutorials this year. More people than expected  are interested in ‘deep learning’,  thus they have to switch to another bigger room. I like the Graph-cut slides, which unfortunately I didn’t get chance to attend. Since mobile application is a trending topic recently, there is also one opencv for mobile application short tutorial. They also gave some example codes/project as well as pre-compiled opencv for both ios and Android. Qualcomm also gave a lunch talk on their FastCV package which is specifically for mobile computer vision on Tuesday (6/19).

* The Open Source Award goes to “FREAK: Fast Retina Keypoint by Alexandre Alahi, Alexandre; Raphael OrtizPierre Vandergheynst.”,  In their abstract, it says:

the deployment of vision algorithms on smart phones and embedded devices with low memory and computation complexity has even upped the ante: the goal is to make descriptors faster to compute, more compact while remaining robust to scale, rotation and noise. To best address the current requirements, we propose a novel keypoint descriptor inspired by the human visual system and more precisely the retina, coined Fast Retina Keypoint (FREAK). A cascade of binary strings is computed by efficiently comparing image intensities over a retinal sampling pattern.

The source code is here.  Detailed information can be found at <http://www.ivpe.com/freak.htm>

to be continued…. 🙂


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