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bbfreeze tryout

It appears that bbfreeze is much more simpler than py2exe. Just try out this afternoon.

– Download bbfreeze: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/bbfreeze/#downloads

– You can either choose to use the command line or simple put the below code in a setup.py file ( you can name it as you want):


from bbfreeze import Freezer
f = Freezer("YOURPROJ_exe-1.0", includes=("_strptime",))
f.addScript("YOURPythonFile.py")        # If there are multiple source files, just repeat this to add more
f() # starts the freezing process

– Run this set up, and bbfreeze will create a subfolder: <YOURPROJ_exe-1.0> where all the dependencies and other stuff will go into

– Your compiled exe file is YOURPythonFile.exe

– Assuming your python file takes into the commands  $YOURPythonFile.py command1  command2

It will be same when using the exe: $YOURPythonFile.exe command1  command2

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