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Name Prefix

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Some name prefix links collected before. Many of them are royal titles.

Mr., Mrs., Ms., Miss, Dr., A.V.M., AB, Adm., Amb, AMN, Archbishop, Baron, Baroness, Bishop, Brig. Gen., Brigadier, Bro., Cantor, Capt., Cardinal, Chaplain, Cmdr., CMSGT, Col., Consul, Count, Countess, Cpl., CPO, CWO, Dean, Duchess, Duke, Earl, Ens., Eur Eng, Father, Fr., Gen., Gov., H. E., Herr, Hon., HRH, Lady, Lord, Lt., Lt. Cmdr., Lt. Col., Lt. Gen., M., Maj., Maj. Gen., Master, Mlle., Mme., Mother, MSGT, Pastor, PFC, Pres., Prince, Princess, Prof., Rabbi, Radm., Rev., Rt. Hon., Senator, Sgt., Sgt. Maj., Sir, Sister, SMSGT, Speaker, Squad.Ldr., Sr., SrA, Sra., Srta., SSGT, Swami, TSGT, Vadm.



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